2022 IL GE Voter Survey Analysis

Cor is funding and leading a significant effort to gather data and research exactly what happened in the 2022 election so the Republican Party can make fact-based decisions on a path forward that might actually lead to some victories.

2022 IL GE Candidate Performance Analysis

The results from this study are fascinating and, in a way, groundbreaking. First, it gives us an apples-to-apples comparison of candidates throughout Illinois, allowing us to truly evaluate their performance. Second, by comparing candidate performance, for the first time ever we can quantify the impact specific things have on election results.

2022 IL General Election Turnout Analysis

We’ve been able to successfully pull enough data for four separate buckets to allow us all to review how likely it was the average voter in various demographics voted in Chicago, suburban Cook County, the collar counties, and the rest of the state.

2022 IL General Election Final Analysis

In Part 1 of this effort, we conducted an exit survey of Illinois voters to learn how they voted and why. In Part 2, we compared 2022 candidate performance to historical performance to determine which candidates over- and under-performed. In Part 3, we inspected turnout data to see who voted and who didn’t. It’s a lot of information, even for those of us who do this for a living.

So, here in Part 4, the final step of our analysis, we’re bringing all the data together and helping make sense of it all.